Home Theater Tours

If you’re like me, then you have a passion for home theater. You love movies, sporting events, gaming, or just spending time with your friends and family in front of the big screen.

For years I have had this passion of home theater, but I always wanted “more”. I saw the pictures in magazines, and the slide shows on websites, but I wanted to go inside these theaters!

I wanted to hear from the theater owners, listen to their design challenges, learn about their equipment choices, and hear all their awesome experiences.

For those of us who have this love of home theater, we share these desires.

However, driving and flying all over the country to find the theater owners, just to go experience their theater simply isn’t realistic for most people.

The good news for you is that my passion has led me to do just that. To get in my car and drive all over to meet with home theater owners, to talk with them, and to bring these Home Theater tours directly to you.

Check out the Home Theater Tours trailer:

When you order Home Theater Tours, you will have total access to incredible home theater videos to download, videos showing each theater, and providing insights from home theater owners.

The videos show you all parts of each theater, you literally get to see everything. But this is more than just seeing everything (which is already pretty awesome), you get to hear from the owners themselves.

These owners open up and discuss their thoughts on everything about their home theater, including:

This is the only home theater video series that will bring you inside home theaters, in a way unlike any before.

No slide show can bring you this depth, no article can cover the reality of seeing what is inside a theater.

Only the actual owner of the theater, discussing the theater with you, can really give you a tour.

This video series is only for people who are truly passionate and interested in home theater.

To get started, and gain immediate access to download the videos, order below right now.

You cannot get this level of inside access to incredible home theaters any other way so click below to order now.

The cost for this amazing series is only $39.00!



 Frequently Asked Questions:

When do I receive my downloads?  You can start to download your videos right away. After you order, you will return to the site here to create your account. All paid subscribers will have access to the Home Theater Tours download index page. On that page are the theater videos for you to download.

Can I stream these videos through my devices? No, the site is not designed for streaming the videos, they are for download to your device only.

What is the file format of the videos? All the videos are standard .MP4 files with a two channel audio mix.

Are the videos HD or SD? For now the videos are SD.

Are these videos different than the videos that are part of The Ultimate Course on Designing and Building Your Dream Home Theater? Yes, these are entirely different. Those videos (in the course) are experts and videos discussing the design and construction of a home theater. The videos in this series are tours showing home theaters and listening to the owners discuss home theater. The videos, in this series, are exactly as you see in the trailer above.

Is this still a monthly series, or do I get all the downloads at once? This was originally a monthly series, but we have decided to provide access to all videos at once. Most people will not be able to download all of them at one time, considering the sheer volume of the files to download, so you can come back as much as you need to complete your downloads.


This is the only way for you to have inside access to these incredible home theaters, click below to order now.

The cost for this amazing series is only $39.00!