Sound Isolation

Finally! A practical guide to home theater sound isolation.
A common sense approach to sound isolation,
written for the everyday home theater enthusiast.


In the process of creating a great sounding home theater, you know that sound isolation is going to be part of your project. However, as soon as you begin to study sound isolation you quickly find yourself buried in formulas, strong opinions, arguments, and more. Which leaves you to simply wonder…

Isn’t there just a common sense set of best practices?

Well yes, there is, and that is what the Practical Guide to Home Theater Sound Isolation is all about.

The sound, of your room, does not need to be treated like magic, it does not need to be thought of as something that only the most gifted math and science majors can understand. Everyone can learn the fundamentals and apply that knowledge, in a practical way, in their own rooms and theaters.


You can learn these core principles, these common sense applications that will have your theater sounding incredible.

Imagine a home theater where you:


        Basic Dual Stud Wall Insulation Dual Outside 01

Have you ever been in a theater where you have to keep turning up the volume during quiet scenes and then quickly turn the volume back down during loud scenes? You can fix that with sound isolation techniques.

Have you ever been in a theater where you can hear people outside talking or the boom from a another room watching a movie? You can fix that with sound isolation.

Have you ever been in a theater where people outside your room can’t sleep because your theater is leaking out sound? You can fix that with sound isolation.

It isn’t magic, it is science. But, you do not need a science degree to understand the common sense applications.


So Many Questions…


When you start to read about sound isolation online, when you start to do your research, soon you will find an overwhelming amount of information, which leads to more confusion and more questions! Have you ever thought any of these questions?



The Practical Guide to Home Theater Sound Isolation is exactly what the title says! Inside, you will find discussions on all the critical topics of sound isolation, written in a conversational tone. Here is the lesson list, from the Table of Contents:

Lesson One:  The Fundamentals of Sound

Lesson Two:  Sound Isolation Fundamentals

Lesson Three:  The Core Six Techniques

Lesson Four:  Construction Techniques

Lesson Five:  Suggested Implementations

Lesson Six:  Sound Isolation Gallery

The overall guide is written in a conversational tone, without any complexities.


Theory and Application


There is theory in this guide, without it you would have no foundation for the application. The primary purpose of the guide is to take that theory and then apply it to your actual home theater – the practical application is the key. The end goal is for you to have some basis in the theory, and then go ahead and use that to create your own sound isolation treatments.

So you get both – you get the theory AND you get the practical application.



Muffler 01


Free Bonus Ted White 2 Part Audio Interview

Ted discusses Soundproofing concepts and soundproofing a home theater.  He discusses everything from the fundamentals of Soundproofing to specific construction techniques for the home theater environment.

In part 2, Ted talks about Soundproofing a home theater.  He continues to discuss the Soundproofing construction aspects of the home theater, and some common mistakes and his tips and suggestions for the best Soundproofing of a home theater.

This is an extremely very valuable resource that comes to you as a free bonus offer when you purchase the Practical Guide to Home Theater Sound Isolation.

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Frequently Asked Questions



“If I’m a Sound Isolation Pro will I like this guide?”

Answer: Probably not. This guide is not like your textbooks and it is not filled with science. It is written for the everyday home theater enthusiast, it is not written for a Sound Isolation or industry pro.

“Will I get my download right away?”

Answer: Yes, the system is automated, so 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you can order and login to download.

“Will anything be shipped to me?”

Answer: No, this is an all digital offering, there will be no physical product shipped.

“How do I get my Username and Password?”

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“Can I print this out at home?”

Answer: Yes, if you prefer to have something printed, feel free to do so.

“Can I make copies of this guide?”

Answer: No, you may not make copies of any kind of this guide. You may print the guide at home, as mentioned, by no electronic copies are allowed. This should be a given, but we know that there are some evil pirates out there who love to steal. If you happen to find one of them, please do let them know that stealing a copy of this guide is no different than stealing from any other store.

 “I have a question that should be on this list.”

Answer: If you have a question that you think we missed, by all means post it and let us know! Other than Blu-rays not arriving on time or hyped movies letting us down, the other big issue that keeps us up at night are missed questions! Seriously, this will be a growing list and we want to make sure all your questions are answered. So if you have a question we forgot, post it below and this FAQ will grow thanks to your input. Thank you!