Recommended Resources

The people or companies listed below are Warren’s recommended resources. These are individuals and companies that Warren has worked with or that are run by people who Warren knows and trusts. The people and the companies here love to work with those who are building and designing home theaters, so when you are looking for the products and services they offer, please let them help you!


AV Science

AV Science is the leading retail organization selling home theater and audio video equipment from AV Receivers to video projectors for any size application. They can be reached at or 877-823-4452.


Blue Jeans Cable

Blue Jeans Cable is a manufacturer and importer of HDMI, Audio, Video, and Speaker cables for home theater. Blue Jeans Cable prides itself on providing broadcast-quality cabling at reasonable prices. They can be reached at or 206-284-2924.


Bryan Pape

Bryan Pape is an expert acoustical designer for both residential (home theater) and commercial needs. He can work with you to aid your room’s acoustical design and discuss which products work best for your needs. You can contact Bryan at GiK Acoustics (info below).



CAVX specializes in constant image height (CinemaScope) projection, and they are the creators of products like the Aussiemorphic Lens and Projector Station. They can be reached at or +61-403-858-607.


Ethan Winer

Ethan Winer is an expert on all things audio and acoustics in the home theater. He has recently written The Audio Expert, a massive reference book of over 700 pages about audio. You can find more information about Ethan, and his book at:


Jeff Parkinson

Jeff is a Licensed Contractor focusing exclusively on building Home Theaters (including The Bacon Race featured in this book). Specializing in helping homeowners who want to invest their own sweat equity but lack the experience, time or tools to get the job done. He can be reached at JeffJParkinson[@] (Remove the brackets for email).


Kal Wallner

Kal is the author of the Greyscale and Colour Calibration Guide for Dummies, found at Kal’s guide is written for people just starting out with video calibration, and walks them step-by-step through their first calibration.  You can find the guide by clicking here.


GiK Acoustics

GiK Acoustics is the industry leader in providing acoustic panels, bass traps, and diffusers for home theaters and commercial projects. They can be reached at, 888-986-2789 (USA) or +44-0-20-7558-8976 (UK).


Night Sky Murals

Night Sky Murals is led by artist Jeff Stewart who developed his unique ability to recreate realistic and amazing murals on the night sky on home theater ceilings (and any other room you desire). He can be reached at, 801-599-9836 (Utah, USA only) or 877-882-2456.


Premiere Home Theater Seating

Since 1998, the heritage of quality, comfort and reliability has earned Premiere Home Theater Seating a respected place in the hearts of customers, theater builders, designers and homeowners around the country for many years. Voted the most comfortable and reliable home theater seating by theater builders, trade publications and consumers, it’s more than just putting a cup holder in the armrest that sets us apart! You won’t find higher quality, longer lasting furniture and a company who stands behind its product like Premiere HTS. You can reach them on the web at or by phone at 866-885-5158.


Real Traps

Real Traps is a leading authority on the design and manufacturing of Bass Traps and acoustical treatments for home theaters, and all other rooms. On their website you can find articles about acoustics, room calculators, and much more information to help you with your acoustics and bass trapping needs. You can reach them at, by phone at 866-732-5872, or outside the US at 860-210-1870.


Seaton Sound

Seaton Sound provides incredible audio loudspeakers and subwoofers used in many famous home theaters. All Seaton Sound speakers are hand-assembled and tested in the USA prior to shipping. They can be reached at www.SeatonSound.Net or 773-290-8436.


Shawn Byrne

Shawn Byrne is a leading home cinema design engineer and AV calibrations expert for Quest Acoustical Interiors. Shawn uses his scientific background to understand the physics and math required for proper theater design and room calibration. He can be reached at or 877-933-8776.


Soundproofing Company

The Soundproofing Company is the industry leader in providing Soundproofing products and solutions for walls, ceilings and floors. They offer excellent free resources and outstanding service for all your sound isolation needs. They can be reached at or 800-397-8791.


Stargate Cinema

Stargate Cinema features the world’s largest selection of home theater seating, decor and accessories and offers over 9,000 products online at the best prices backed by the best service. Choose name-brand seating and sectionals from Palliser, RowOne, Lane, Jaymar, Fortress and more. They can be reached at, 866.684.3843 or seating[@] (Remove the brackets for email)