Frequently Asked Questions




“Will I get my downloads right away?”

Yes, the system is automated, so 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can become a paid member and will receive your download links right away. We do not give our computers days off, they don’t get coffee breaks, and they are not allowed time away to go see movies (even the new 3D ones – nope no time off for the computers). Our computer systems are waiting for you right now to place your order, no matter the time and no matter the day!


“Will anything be shipped to me?”

No, all files are immediate digital downloads. There are lots of different files to download: audio files, PDFs, and video files, and each one is a unique download. There are no physical products, nothing will be shipped.

Please keep in mind that there are many files to download, and (depending on server load times) it might take a while to download everything.


“Why is this a membership/login site?”

We’ve found that people prefer to have one single location to go for all the various downloads provided at The Home Theater Book website. Each person has a unique Username and Password, allowing them to access the site and download all the included files. The files are all digital downloads, you will be able to download them to your own computer. With all the files here in one central location, users are able to log back in and re-download files as need be.


“What if I don’t like the course? What is the return policy?”

If you find there to be too much information, too many photos, too many examples, or for any other less exciting reason you do not like the course, simply send us an email within 30 days (from the date of your purchase), and you will be issued a full refund. While we hope you do find the course, and all the bonuses useful and helpful in your desire to have a dream home theater, if you do wish to have a refund, just let us know and we’ll process your refund no questions asked. Once your refund has been processed, your membership will be cancelled, and you will no longer have access to the members area.


“Can I print the course out at home?”

Yes, you’re welcome to try – although your printer might not feel great about you the morning after – that is a lot of printing to ask one printer to do! The course is yours to view or print as you need. The course lessons cannot be edited, but you are free to print any section, or even the entire thing, you wish. Many people print it out and use a large 3-Ring binder to hold it, due to the overall size of all the lessons.


“Can I make copies of the course?”

You may not make electronic copies of any kind of the course. You may physically print out sections, as mentioned above, but no electronic copies are allowed. This should be a given, but we know that there are some evil pirates out there who love to steal. If you happen to find one of them, please do let them know that stealing a copy of this course is no different than stealing from any other store, and that we are happy to have them walk the plank or whatever other form of prosecution we can assist with in their area (although we prefer the plank).


“Is there an Affiliate Program for The Home Theater Book?”

Absolutely! Yes! If you want to promote the course and earn some money for yourself in the process, click here to learn more. In order for Warren to complete his vision of world domination of home theater, he needs lots of motivated people who love home theater to promote the course. Won’t you help him dominate? You can find out more at the Affiliate Program page here.


“Who are the Recommended Resources?”

The companies listed in the recommended resources are companies that Warren has worked with or that are run by people that Warren knows and trusts. If anyone wants to let those resources know that Warren recommended them, that is great; so go ahead and click, email, or call them to get great advice, products, and services for your home theater.


“How do I get a Username and Password?”

After you purchase at PayPal, there is a link to return to the site here. You MUST click that link and come back to the site. When you do, you will be automatically prompted to create your unique username and password.

Do not put this step off until a later date/time, it must be done at the time of purchase. If for some reason you are unable to come back to the site and create your username or password, please email us (remove the spaces): Support @ TheHomeTheaterBook.com and we will help you with username and password issues.


“I have a question that should be on this list.”

If you have a question that you think we missed, by all means post it and let us know! Other than Blu-rays not arriving on time or hyped movies letting us down, the other big issue that keeps us up at night are missed questions! Seriously, this will be a growing list and we want to make sure all your questions are answered. So if you have a question we forgot, post it below and this FAQ will grow thanks to your input. Thank you!