DIY Home Theater Design Service


Here at The Home Theater Book, we are all about DIY. We know you’re the kind of person who wants to save money and have the satisfaction of knowing what you personally did to make your home theater dream come true.

There is something special about a DIY theater, the pride, the fun, and yes the challenges of making an awesome home theater.

To address those challenges, we offer a unique service to you.


This is Warren’s DIY Home Theater Design Service.

We will work with you, to create your home theater design.

At the end of the process, you will have:

Don’t try to figure this out by yourself, have someone virtually by your side answering questions and providing you with experience and insight otherwise unavailable to you.

Solving just one critical challenge during your home theater design and construction could
save you thousands of dollars and could save you hours and hours of your time.

This was by far the best money I spent on my entire theater project. I was about to make a few critical mistakes, which I would have regretted for the entire lifetime of my theater! I highly recommend this service to anyone looking to build their own home theater. -Scott F.
As a DIY guy, I want to do everything by myself. But the actual design and layout was one thing I wanted to know I was going to have right. There was no chance I would be building another room, and tearing something down to make a ‘fix’ wasn’t something I wanted to ever worry about. Working with Warren on this project was fun, his experience and passion was obvious from our first conversation together. If anyone is on the fence, considering this, you won’t regret it. I’d go farther and say that now you know about this, if you don’t do this, you’ll regret that.  -Ken B.
I talked to the ‘big name designer’ on the AVSForum, and it was not a great experience. Yes, he makes good plans, but not everyone is building a $100K+ showcase theater. I just wanted someone to work with, someone who would not look down on me, as a DIY builder. Warren was that person for me. From our first call, I could tell he loves this stuff as much as me (probably more!) and I was very pleased in how everything turned out. He is the only person I know who loves working with the DIY people, and I am very glad I took him up on this opportunity, it was by far the best money I spent on my entire project. -Mark P.


The Best of Both Worlds

You get to be the leader of your DIY theater, and you get to have a professional design, at the same time – truly the best of both worlds!


The process starts with your order. Once we have received your order, we will send you an initial project questionnaire, and that gets your project underway. We’ll then open up the back and forth exchange.

This is not you simply submitting an equipment list and room with us sending back a layout.

This is where we take all your input and talk with you to create your dream home theater plan.

This is where your home theater dream gets launched into reality.

If you want a professional home theater design, complete with construction blueprints, that is not what we offer. You can find many people who will create that for you, just be prepared to spend many thousands of dollars on that, and be prepared to not have too much discussion about the end result. Often in those situations you are given your plan, you don’t participate too much in the overall design.

As a DIY home theater enthusiast, that is not you. You won’t be happy spending thousands and not really being involved in the process.

You want to be part of the process, every step of the way, you want your input and ideas as the foundation of your theater. And, you want to have a professional design that makes sure you are creating the best possible home theater you can create.

This service is available to you for under six hundred dollars. Click below to get started, right now.






PS – Make sure your email address is correct when you order, that is how we will initially be in contact with you.