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How It Works


1. Sign Up to become an affiliate of The Home Theater Book (no cost, ever), and receive your own unique link. Click here to Sign Up.

2. Send Visitors to The Home Theater Book website using banners, text, or any other method of promoting your own unique link that you wish – as long as you follow all laws – we forbid SPAM. (Any affiliates sending SPAM will be immediately and permanently removed from the program).

3. Visitor Makes A Purchase. After vising The Home Theater Book website from your link, if the visitor makes a purchase (within 30 days of vising the site from your link), you will receive credit for that sale, and earn commissions on that sale.

4. You Get Paid! You receive commission payments the month following the end of the return period (currently 30 days) the purchase was made. Payments are sent electronically via PayPal.

Here are the legal Terms and Conditions to being an affiliate of The Home Theater Book.



Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions


 Question: As an affiliate, how do I get paid?


All payments are made via PayPal, so having a current PayPal account is required to participate. If you do not have a PayPal account, you will need to sign up for an account (the type of account, meaning Personal, Premier, or Business is up to you). You can sign up here.


Question: When are commissions paid to affiliates?


Payments are made once a month for all commissions earned during the prior month. The current scheduled payment date is the 5th of every month.

Commissions are considered earned once a sale is completed, and is beyond the refund date. Sales are eligible for a refund up to 30 days from the date of their payment. Since this is an electronic purchase with a 30 day refund period, commissions cannot be considered earned until that period has expired.


 Question: What is the commission and bonus structure?


The Home Theater Book Affiliate Program is a two-level program. This allows affiliates to earn commissions on all their own sales (level one), and on sales generated by their recruits (level two) into the affiliate program. Level One of the Affiliate Program compensates 30% and Level Two of the Affiliate Program compensates 5%, so it is a 30%/5% overall program.  In addition, for every $1,000.00 in revenue produced, affiliates will receive an extra $100.00 bonus.  For example, if in a calendar month the Affiliate produces $3,000.00 in revenue, then they would get 30% of that amount ($900.00) plus an additional $300.00 for a total of $1,200.00.


Question: Is there a cost to join the affiliate program?


No! And there never will be. Any affiliate program you find that has a cost to join (even if called an application fee) is one you should be very careful joining. We will never charge anything to become an Affiliate of The Home Theater Book.


Question: Do you provide any marketing materials to affiliates?


Yes. Once you are an approved affiliate, you will have access to marketing materials. This includes text ads, email templates, banner ads, and more. The more effective your marketing efforts, the more effective your results. We provide many marketing materials.

The most serious and most effective affiliates setup webpages on their own sites promoting The Home Theater Book. We provide suggestions for setting up pages in our affiliate resources.


Question: Do you accept 100% of all affiliate applications?


No. Although we do want as many affiliates as we can support, the reality is that The Home Theater Book is not a product that is designed for everyone. If we feel that an affiliate is not in the correct market to properly promote our products, we do not approve the application (see below for more details).


Question: Why was my affiliate application not approved?


We know that The Home Theater Book is not something that all audiences will appreciate or find of use. If a potential affiliate wishes to become an affiliate and promote our products on websites, or to audiences, that have no relationship with home theater or audio/visual equipment, we will most likely not approve that application.


Question: I have a question that was not included on this list, how do I ask that?


Please use our Contact Us form and submit your question to us.